An active company that ensures a healthy lifestyle for everyone with their service


Developing health and fitness products, Actxa is a company that aims to help individuals instil a healthy and active everyday lifestyle. With the help of their products and services, Actxa believes that they can bring out the best beneficial habits out of individuals while at the same time keeping their health at bay.

“Sage Animation has good resources and talents that help them tackle the projects efficiently. The responsiveness of the team to task requirements/feedback is very prompt and good.”
Elgan Kwong
Business Development at Actxa Pte Ltd


Actxa wanted to explain their service and product in a fun and easy-to-understand manner. Hence, they have reached out to create an animation video that can effectively explain them in a light-hearted tone that consumers can benefit from at roadshows.



Our explainer video showcases the benefits of Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, which can help consumers monitor their lifestyle while at the same time having the ability to manage their stress. It also simply includes the assessment’s procedures to show Actxa’s dedication to their consumers.


An animation video that Actxa can use at road shows, social media, and their website that simplifies their product, Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, in a simple and efficient manner.

We wish Actxa the best in their active endeavours.

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