Google agency uses animation video to explain cloud technology

Avalon Solutions is a consultation company that aids businesses into implementing cloud technology. With their expertise and experience, Avalon Solutions aims to increase a company’s success by teaching them about the cost-effective and efficient way of using technology, that will help boost their business as well as help them focus on tasks more seamlessly.

“ I did not know that I needed a video until talking to Bryan over Skype. It was a done deal as the animation video is a great way of showing our potential customers who we are. They also understood us really well – the script and storyboard exceeded our expectations, and the animation was spot-on. ”
Jimmy Jigmo
Area Manager at Avalon Solutions


Avalon Solutions found that their service is too complex for their target businesses to understand. Hence, they have reached out to create an animation video which will explain their service in the simplest manner possible, and at the same time, attract more companies to the likes of Avalon Solutions and what they can offer.


Our explainer video showcases the benefits of cloud technology and its ability to assist companies into working in a smoother, more organised, and more flexible way. No matter how big a company is, Avalon Solutions is always ready to give a helping hand to shower companies with these skills.


An animation video that Avalon Solutions will be using to simplify their services and gain more outreach. We wish Avalon Solutions the best in their cloud endeavours.

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