Big Data Company use animation video as a sales tool for B2B business.

Latize Education Quotient enables educators to leverage the power of data and analytics to help students learn and perform better to the desired capabilities, thereby delivering an improved education outcome. It does so by providing intelligent, system generated early detection flags for students with intervention needs as well as highly personalized holistic intervention program recommendations.

"From the beginning, they were very helpful with identifying what is the right voiceover to use, with the script and what kind of animations style to use. They were very responsive and just took us a short time to develop this video. We are very happy with the results."
Nynke Kinderman
New Business Development & Product Innovation at Latize Pte Ltd


Latize is a dynamic solution with many tools and features that can help organizations in various ways. The sales process requires lengthy explanations for the audience to understand and realise its power. Hence, it has always been a challenge to explain the capabilities of Latize on their website. 


The power of our explainer video is the ability to explain the product in a speedy and simple way. We get to the core essential and illustrate a plot demonstrating the benefits of the solution for their target audience. 

On top of that, the video can be easily shared in social media to reach more people who can now easily understand what Latize does. Now, even mums can understand Latize’s true potential. 


An animation video that Latize will be using as their sales tools with their email outreach strategies. 

We wish Latize the best in their endeavour to help educators better our school system.

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