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HR Tech Startup use video animation to deliver their funding pitch

Peoplewave is a HR technology / SaaS company that has a vision of transforming the talent acquisition and people management processes within companies. To humanise it, to be more transparent and give candidates, employees and employers the right tools to really get the best out of people.

" One of the challenges of a new business is to express what you do to customers, investors and stakeholders. They took what I was trying to convey in the new business, did an amazing voiceover and made a fantastic animation. It has lead to a lot of investor’s interest and customers! "
Damien Cummings
CEO at Peoplewave


Peoplewave is a new solution for an important problem. They want to level up the game in the human resource space. They have good ideas and require funding to built their software solution.

In order to get funding, they need to stand out from the noisy startup scene. They need to get the attention, educate and convince their future investors. 

The problem is there are neither website design, app mocks up, concrete solution nor customer journey map yet. None of that has been developed. 


The only objective is to help Peoplewave ACE their pitch and win over the investors.

We emphasis and demonstrate on the importance of the problem and relate it to the core metric of a business, profitability. E.g. The amount of money company are losing when they could not identify and retain good employee. 

We brainstorm and pick the best solutions and present them in the explainer video – tickle the curiosity and allow the funding pitch to start on a high note. 


More than just the english version, we made a Mandarin version too.   

Most importantly, it has helped them get a lot of investor’s interest and customers. 

All the best for Peoplewave and Damien! 

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