Influencer Marketing Agency use animation to spread the news of their new agency

WooHoo develop and manage creative influencer marketing strategies to tell brand’s story and reach millions online. They empower digital influencers to create creative, beautiful and inspiring content for brand, creating campaigns that will stand out.

" Being a new social media agency, we needed a quick concise animation video to explain what we were all about in a minute. Bryan and his team were easy to work, quick, got to the crux of the production details and created an animation that had exceeded my expectations on the first try. Well done guys! "
Daniel Ong
Owner at WooHoo


Most creative agencies relay on their word of mouth and reputation to gain early support. While running multiple businesses, the founder has limited time to sit with every individual to explain the new venture. 

Influencer marketing is pretty new on the list of strategies that traditional marketer would deploy. It require some explaination for people to understand the power of it. 

WooHoo asked us to share their new service – in a way that highlight the potential of the strategy – affordable, fast and impactful. 


The power of influencer marketing is the ability to reach very target niche audience in a fast and affordable manner. And, One of WooHoo’s defining brand is the founder himself – Fun, edgy and a little rock n roll.  

Taking both factor into account, we adopted the personality of the founder and sought to create a video that excites and inform, how Influencer Marketing can be great advertising channel. 


When we handed in the first draft of the full video, Daniel Ong and his team gave an “A-okay!”and didn’t even had anything else to change. 

Woohoo loved the music, the video, and the entire process with our team.

They needed the video in the thick of the 2017 – and we made it happen with time to spare!

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