Sort It​

Sort It $15 Paid 2D Animation Sort It is an After Effect plugin created by EJ Hassenfratz that brings the Layer Manager UI from Cinema 4D into After Effects . Easily Manage Cluttered Comps w/ Layer Groups & Layer Solo Group Layers in AE Select & Control Multiple Layer Properties w/ Layer Groups Declutter Timelines […]

School of Motion​

School of Motion $0 – $997 Paid Tutorial & Course Favourite School of Motion provides design and animation courses to walk you through various styles of visual design. The courses will cost you $0-$997 depending on the mastery level and extensiveness of the course. They have a great Youtube channel, podcast and blog – one […]


Rubberhose $45.00 Paid Character 2D Animation Favourite What makes Rubber Hose 2 different from other animation rigging tools is its “rubbery” feature. It basically allows you to assign pins which can be used as an animation axes. Adjust the hose characteristics to fit the character, scene or action –all in the middle of animating. The […]