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Here are some of our quirks.

This is like a legally binding contract between you and Sage Production.
You know, the kind you want to read before you put the ring on someone. Please make sure you read it (it should take about 10 minutes). We’ve tried to make it as clear as possible, but we welcome your feedback to hello@sageanimation.com if you have suggestions or questions.

1. Add-ons

Our video clients can take advantage of a few valuable add­-ons. They are: 1) Rush service 2) Source Files 3) Logo animation 4) Video landing page 5)  Video Translation

For more info, go to: www.sageanimation.com/pricing

2. Client responsibilities

Making a video is a collaborative process that requires time and attention, on both parties. You’ll have a full production team working on your video, but ultimately…YOU are the director of your video project, and will have the final say on everything. If you want your video made quickly, it’s very important to get back promptly when we send you something to review. We offer unlimited revisions at every stage, but the more you request…the longer your video will take to create.

3. Communication

You’ll have access to a human being (Project Manager) via phone and email during working hours, Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm, Singapore time. This human (Project manager) is in charge of updating you on your video and taking any feedback you have, guidance on your script, storyboard, illustrations, or final video.

Email is the preferred form of communication since there will be a record of everything and is easy to share with our team, but we’re also happy to take your call too (sometimes it’s just easier).

4. Deadlines

While we always do our best to complete every video as soon as possible and do also have a Rush Service for an extra fee, we never guarantee that we’ll meet specific deadlines. Too much of the process relies on you, and there’s no way for us to know how soon you’ll get back on the materials we send you to review, or how many revisions you’ll need at each stage…since we offer unlimited. The best we can do is give you rough estimates, but the rest is in your hands.

5. Guarantee

Sage Animation offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can cancel at any point in the production process, and get a full refund if you are not satisfied. This rarely ever happens since we offer generous revisions (within each stage), but if something happens and you need to cancel… just let us know and we’ll take care of it right away.

6. Overtime charges

We offer a buffer zone of up to 5 seconds of video over what you initially paid for, and we won’t charge you anything extra. But if your video is over 5 seconds longer, the timing of your video will be rounded up to the next 30 seconds. For example, if you ordered a 60 second video but your video ended up being 66 seconds long…you’ll be charged for a 90 second video. If you don’t want to end up paying more than what you ordered, make sure that the script you approve in the beginning of the process is the right length (150 words per minute of video time).

7. Payment terms

Our regular payment terms are 50% upfront, and 50% upon completion. You can also pay in full upfront for a 5% discount, or full payment at the end for 10% fee, or in 6 monthly payments for an extra 20% fee. Your final video file will not be sent to you until final payment has been received.

8. Portfolio

Your video will be added to our Vimeo portfolio soon after we’ve completed it.

9. Process

Our production process consists of 5 milestones, and at each stage we’ll require you to review and approve the materials: 1) Script 2) Voice Over 3) Storyboard 4) Illustration 5) Final video. If you want your video made as soon as possible, it’s in your best interest to get back to us right away when we send you something and to keep revisions to a minimum (but we offer unlimited revisions within each milestone if you need it).

10. Referrals

We greatly appreciate any referrals you send our way. So much that we’re willing to offer you a whopping 15% discount on your next video if you refer just 1 client who completes a video with us, and a completely free video if you refer 6 clients (up to 1 minutes long ­- $3,800 value)!

11. Revisions (while in production)

We offer TWO (2) revisions within every stage of our production process until you’re 100% happy with everything. For the voiceover, we offer unlimited changes if you are not happy with the tone or how a word is pronounced…but once you approve your script and we record, it will cost $350 to re­-record the voice-over. $350 per scene if you want to make changes to the storyboard, illustration or animation after approval.

12. Maintenance Plan

We offer a maintenance plan/warranty plan for $500/mth that allows you to make unlimited changes to your video’s graphics and animation until you cancel (voiceovers are extra $350). You can only sign up for this plan within a week of your video being completed.

After that, your only choice will be → Option 2 ­ If you don’t sign up for the maintenance plan, you can contact us if you ever need changes made to your video…and at that point we’ll give you a quote (which typically ranges from $200 to $800 depending on the changes you need).

13. Source files

We offer a very affordable maintenance plan that allows you to make unlimited changes after your video is completed, but if you still want the source files for your video to make changes on your own down the road…we can provide them for an extra $650. You’ll get the Adobe Photoshop files for your illustrations, Adobe After Effects files for the animation, your voiceover, and music file.

14. Animation style

We can make your video in any animation style. All you have to do is send us a link to your favorite animated video, and we’ll use that as a basis for your video. We’ll send you the first few frames of the illustrations to make sure you like the style you’ve chosen before we proceed with the rest.

15. Timeframe

The average turnaround time with padding for revisions is 5­ – 7 weeks. This is a very rough estimate that is dependent on how fast you get back to us when we send you something to review, and how many revisions you request at each step of the process…since we offer unlimited revisions.

We also offer a Rush Service that prioritizes your project, and you can achieve a turnaround time closer to 4 – 5 weeks (although we never guarantee meeting specific deadlines since too much is dependent on you).

16. Translations

We can translate your video to any language you like for $600 to $900 depending on the language and video length. This price includes translating your script, recording a voiceover in the language you choose, and re-syncing the new voiceover with the animation.

17. Video release

We’ll send you the universal 1080p MP4 video file download link for your video once you’ve paid your final balance. We unfortunately cannot send the video to you before then. If you’re in a rush to get your video, please contact us to take care of your final balance so we can send your video download link as soon as it’s ready.

18. Video rights

You’ll own the rights to your video once you’ve paid your final invoice.

19. Voiceover

You can choose from voiceover artists in any language or accent here: www.sageanimation.com/voiceover.

If you have any specific instructions on the tone to use, or how you want something pronounced…please let us know ASAP. Once you approve your script and we record the voiceover, any script changes will incur a $350 fee (additional fees might be subjected depending on voiceover artist of choice) to record a new voiceover. There’s no fee if the voiceover artist didn’t pronounce something right, or if you simply want it read in a different tone.