How it works

The 5 step ninja process for less heartache and headache

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After submitting your brief, our team will get to work writing copy that puts Stephen King to shame. Want something serious? Funny? Seriously funny? We got it.

You’ll get the first script draft in 2-3 days.

Voice Over

We will send the approved script to the sleekest voices in the industry who will professionally record your script. 

Languages and accents in Japanese, Mandarin, Filipino, Bahasa Indonesia, Australian, British, American, and many more!


We will start putting together a detailed storyboard which enables you to visualize how your animation will flow from one scene to another. This way, you can be sure that the outcome will be up to your expectations.


As the most important part of the process, we will start animating the elements and graphics which were presented to you earlier. Once done, we will send the animated video to you for your approval.

Estimated Project Timeline

Timeline is calculated based on 36h of turnaround time and 2 rounds of revision per stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

We require a 50% upfront payment and the last 50% after the video is finished and approved by the client. Once we receive the final payment we send the final video in HD format. You can pay via bank transfer or through PayPal (3.75% fee).

Our videos typically take between 5-8 weeks as all our work is custom made. The varying timeframe depends on how well our two teams communicate and the number of revisions for each stage.

Sure! We always cater for specific events; however we will need to charge a $800 – $2,000 rush-fee to ensure we meet your deadline.

We should be able to get production time down to 4 weeks. 

You will be given 3 rounds of revision in each stage (VO, storyboarding, animation). Do avoid sending us the changes 1 by 1, instead, compile a complete list of the changes you want us to do.

Naturally you have more revisions, that will increase the production time.

We can deliver in any kind of format you require. By default, it will be in Full HD (1920 x 1080) format with H264 compression. If you need any other video format, or if you are unsure, please let us know where and how you will be using it so we can advise you.
We can provide videos in 4K or 60FPS as well if necessary.

All our prices are listed on the ‘our packages’ page. We prefer to be transparent and up-front instead of leading you on with ambiguous ball-park figures.

You do, of course! Once the final payment has been completed, we’ll transfer the files to you.

We’re a company that operates mostly through the internet, plus COVID. We believe that time should be spend to do the work instead of being in commute. If asynchronous communication is needed, Zoom and phone calls are our default.

If you’re purchasing more than three videos then yes we do offer a 10% discount. Other than that, we realise that when we give too much discount, we cut corner and the quality drops. Then everyone is unhappy; a lose-lose situation. 

To be perfectly honest with you – we don’t. You can either go to the big agencies and pay $10,000+, or go to Fiverr and receive a cookie-cutter video. We fit between these two extremes to get the best of both worlds – premium service and animation without the price-tags! Think of it like Singapore Airlines and Scoot.